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The Short Version

My friend Rémi and I have spent two years developing a show called Garçons Manqués and, with the artistic support of amazing talents in Paris, we are going to perform it on February 1st. We need your help to make this a reality. Read on for more details (or skip to the bottom to see how to donate!).

The Full Story

Hello and thanks for clicking your way over to this page !

If I may take a few minutes of your time, I hope you can help. I know this is not a super personal message, but it is nonetheless very dear to me and I hope you can read it soon.


Today I’d like to talk to you about my biggest, most personal, creative project ever. For the last two years, I’ve been writing and preparing a show along with my scene partner Rémi. It is called “Garçons Manqués” (literally, ‘failed boys’, i.e. ‘tomboys’). This shows brings a message of hope about what it means to be gay in today’s world. Through a humorous conference, mixed with singing, dancing, improv, testimonies, the sharing of many personal anecdotes and many other surprises, we are giving our audiences our take on the situation, and calling for more freedom and respect, in spite of all the troubles still faced by the LGBTQiA2S+ community. Two years of writing, rewriting, questioning, testing, despairing then hoping again – a true emotional roller coaster. I don’t think I have ever shared this much of me on a deeply personal level in any of my creative projects.

In between France’s two lockdowns, we managed to get in touch with Noémie de Lattre, a well-known actress and director in France who became the show’s godmother. In 2020, her show “Feminist for Men” was nominated for a Molière, France’s top theatre award, for best solo performance.

Thanks to her experience and contacts, the writing improved and we started working with even more amazing people (musicians, light technicians, choreographers, graphic designers, directors…), so much so that we are finally going to showcase everything on February 1st at an amazing theatre venue in Paris: La Nouvelle Seine – a 120-seat theatre venue on a fancy barge moored right next to the world-famous Cathedral of Notre Dame, and whose reputation for revealing upcoming talents to the world is second to none. This will be the ideal opportunity to invite theatre directors, producers, and other professionals to launch our show into the world. We will also be video recording the show so that we can send it and sell it to other theatres in France.

There is still a long way to go – challenging rehearsals are underway, and Rémi and I are also taking care of many aspects of the production (marketing, admin work, registrations, licenses, bookings, design, etc.) – while still having a life and earning money doing other gigs! You can follow us on Instagram or FacebookThis all brings me to why I am asking for a little help today. In order to sustain the show, to pay all the people involved and who have been working for free until now, to rent the venues, pay for electricity bills, food, costumes, tech equipment, etc., and prepare for future costs until the showcase evening, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to our first donators, we’ve got more than 25% of our minimum goal (€7,500 euros or US$ 8,800).


Yet we need your generosity, no matter how much you may donate, to cover all the costs and bring this message to everyone. Other theatres (La Comédie des 3 Bornes, Théâtre à Moustache) are looking to book our show for longer runs, but not until they see the final, polished product in February.


Donating is not the only way you can help. You can simply share the crowdfunding campaign page on your social networks! This already will mean a lot to me.


Should you have any questions regarding this project or this message, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I will gladly answer all of them.


I hope this message finds you well.


Thanks for your time,



If you decide to donate, you can easily do so with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron) at this link:

Here’s a step-by-step process since the website is in French:

  1. Click “SOUTENIR” on the right (“support”)

  2. In the pop-up window, click on the arrow “Je ne souhaite pas défiscaliser” (these options allow French residents and companies to deduct part of their donations from their annual taxes).

  3. On the next page, type in the amount (in euros) you’d like to give.

  4. At the bottom of this page, click ETAPE SUIVANTE (“next step”).

  5. You will then have to fill in some details: choose an alias, enter your email address and tick the first box to agree on terms and conditions. You’ll receive a random password in your email box to use next time you connect to the website (not needed now).

  6. Choose your payment method: “Carte de crédit” (credit card) by clicking “Je valide et je passe au paiement”

  7. From then on, you can choose your language in the top right-hand corner. Choose your credit card, and type in your credit card details on the next page.

How to Donate